Dradis Framework in BackTrack 4

The Dradis Framework is now part of BackTrack 4. Checkout the Pre Release ISO.

Thanks to TheX1le, muts and the rest of the BT team for making this possible.


Dradis 2.2 released!

A new release with some juicy features:

  • server:
    • add attachments to nodes
    • refresh buttons to the tree and the notes list
    • force webrick even if mongrel is installed (no SSL support in mongrel)
    • Rails runs in "production" mode
  • client:
    • Dradis can be used with wxRuby 2.0.0
    • better error handling for REST web service communication errors
    • easier REST credentials configuration in ./conf/dradis.xml


Dradis 2.2 screencast

Dradis 2.2 flash demo available here.


Dradis new logo

The project finally has a new logo:

dradis framework logo, inspired in Battlestar Gallactica icons

It is the work of Matthew Rex Downham and it is released under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 license.

Ideas about the logo? Comments? Suggestions? Join the conversation at the community forums.