Running Dradis in Apache HOWTO

Ever wanted to configure Dradis in Apache using mod_passenger? We just wrote the Running Dradis in Apache guide for the documentation section.


Dradis 2.5.2 released!

  • Improved Note editor: bigger, easier to use and supports formatting!
  • New First Time User Wizard
  • Keep track of all the activity with the built-in RSS feed
  • Plugin improvements

    • New HTML Export reporting plugin.
    • New Burp Upload plugin so you can use Burp Scanner output.
    • New Nikto Upload plugin to use your Nikto scan results.
  • Upgraded libraries: ExtJS 3.1.1, Rails 2.3.5
  • Bugs fixed: #2964273, #2932569, #2963253, #2974460.
  • Security fixes