Running Dradis Framework (2.7) in BackTrack4 R2

Following the series of articles on how to get the Dradis Framework running in different operating system, this time is the turn of BackTrack 4 R2.

Note this is almost a re-post of my Running Dradis Framework in BackTrack 4 R2 but updated to 2.7 (instead of 2.6.1).


Dradis 2.7 released!

  • Improved command line API with Thor (thor -T to view all commands)
  • New Configuration Manager to handle all plugin config settings
  • New Upload Manager that runs uploads in the background and updates the interface through Ajax
  • New plugins:
  • Updated plugins:
    • Nessus plugin supports .nessus v2
    • Vuln::DB import updated to support the latest release
  • Bugs fixed: #2888332, #2973256
  • Update Rails to 3.0.6